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“TERRIFIER 3” is coming, sets distribution for next year

Monday, June 12, 2023 | News


Art the Clown will be back, and even bloodier than before.

Cineverse has announced its acquisition of all North American rights to TERRIFIER 3, following its remarkably successful release of TERRIFIER 2, which grossed more than $15 million at the worldwide box office and then became a streaming hit on Bloody Disgusting’s SCREAMBOX platform. The threequel will once again be directed by Damien Leone and produced by Phil Falcone, who promise to make it even more extreme and push more boundaries than before. A wide theatrical release is planned for fall of next year, followed by an exclusive streaming debut on SCREAMBOX. In addition, TERRIFIER 2 will be returning to theaters later in 2023.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting again,” Leone says. “Aside from a yearning for new and exciting horror villains like Art the Clown, a large part of TERRIFIER 2’s success was based on its unprecedented theatrical release and its uncompromising nature. Many studios are unwilling to take that sort of a risk these days, whereas Cineverse not only took it but embraced it. It’s pretty clear that we’re now entering a slasher genre renaissance–perhaps the biggest one since the ’90s. Filmmakers like myself are going to have to keep pushing the envelope, so it’s encouraging when a company respects a director’s vision and understands what makes a certain type of film successful.”

“Produced for just $250,000, TERRIFIER 2 became a box office phenomenon,” says Cineverse chairman and CEO Chris McGurk. “It achieved revenues of roughly 60 times the production cost and was fueled almost exclusively by social marketing. We are thrilled that Damien and Phil have chosen to stay true to the franchise and keep the film uncut and independent rather than taking the major studio route. We aim to make this film the centerpiece of our releasing strategy, which is focused on creator-friendly collaboration to generate fan-favorite franchises and film remakes that work theatrically as well as drive streaming subscription revenues. This time, we are planning a wide theatrical release for TERRIFIER 3, as we are confident that the film will deliver yet another unparalleled horror experience. We eagerly anticipate the creative vision that Damien and Phil will unleash upon audiences when we bring TERRIFIER 3 to the big screen in the fall of 2024.”

“Indie horror changed the game last year, and that is thanks in no small part to TERRIFIER 2,” says Bloody Disgusting/Cineverse managing director Brad Miska. “The team crafted something that transcends decades and solidified an icon in Art the Clown that will be talked about 20 years from now. Art has become a cultural phenomenon and the rightful heir to the throne of Jason and Freddy. The seismic impact this franchise will have in the genre is only being felt as tremors now. We are confident that TERRIFIER 2 and soon TERRIFIER 3 are films that people will revisit regularly. These are films that fans will want to marathon every year, and we plan to further stoke that excitement with a rerelease of TERRIFIER 2 this fall in theaters. It brings us great excitement to reunite with Damien and Phil, as we set our sights on creating yet another blockbuster success with a full 360-degree marketing campaign.”


Michael Gingold
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