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SUPER7 Releases the many lives of Eddie the Head just In Time For The Holidays

Thursday, December 7, 2017 | News

Super7 definitely wants to make into peoples homes this holiday season. They’ve just announced the release of a bundle of very cool ReAction figures which include IRON MAIDEN’s rotting mascot “EDDIE” along with two horror greats in their “Halloween Series Line,” namely, ALFRED HITCHCOCK and NOSFERATU.

Iron Maiden’s legendary mascot for almost 40 years EDDIE (the Head) is presented in his four most popular guises: Killers (from Killers) and The Trooper, Aces High and Powerslave (from Powerslave). All four 3.75-inch ReAction figures are articulated and include appropriate accessories such as gun, sword, hatchet and more. This is great for the IRON MAIDEN fan who owns everything.

Grab the Evolution of EDDIE figures this Friday, December 8 online and at the Super7 stores in San Francisco and San Diego on Friday December 15 (they actually go live at 11:58 pm PST).

Horror fans are also treated to two more icons in the master of suspense ALFRED HITCHCOCK and Count Orlok himself, NOSFERATU. Own your own pint-size Hitchcock which has a trademark cigar and crow accessories. Nosferatu has never looked as creepy standing at 3.75- inches tall with an equally eerie card art likeness packaging by the talented Ed Repka. Both icons go are currently on sale.

Run to the Hills and get some holiday shopping done with ease this week figures priced at $15.
Check out more releases at the SUPER7 store and at their official FACEBOOK page.

Chris Hammond
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