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SUPER7 Has A Great ReAction To Toxic Avenger

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 | Review

1984 brought us a New Jersey-born mutated creature with superhuman strength known as “THE TOXIC AVENGER”. The cult movie has had many sequels and even miraculously made it as an animated TV show called “THE TOXIC CRUSADERS,” which featured Toxie as the leader of a group of mutant superheroes that attempt to combat pollution. Sadly, the show was short-lived… until now.

Earlier this year SUPER7 showed their love of Toxie and TROMA by releasing a select group of retro-style figures based on the movies and cartoon series. These figures include the authentic movie version, authentic movie version (variant) Toxic crusader, Toxic crusader (variant) and the Toxic “glow in the dark” variant (only available at Chicago’s C2E2 pop culture event).

These 3.75-inch mop-welding mutants all posses five points of articulation at the shoulders, hips and neck (just like many other REACTION type figures). The figures themselves are sturdy and perfect for early entry level young collectors, but may be of interest to seasoned collectors as well. The blister packs contain a lime green border with an illustrated Toxie standing in front of an American flag. On the flip side of the pack, there’s a nice with a TOXIC CRUSADER cut out mask.

THE TOXIC CRUSADER variant version features different packing, a blister pack that is a throwback to the TV show and sports a cartoon illustration of Toxie. Colours on the packaging are orange and yellow with cartoon style font, plus a cut-out cartoon version of the Toxie mask also available on the flip side of this packaging.

There’s a nice amount of detail on each of the figures and, despite the DIY nature of Toxie’s roots, they don’t feel cheap at all. SUPER 7 does an admirable job at quality control and not one of Toxie’s eyes that I’ve seen available is off-centered or wonky. Each version possesses that mutated head, tattered shirt, pants, boots and mop accessory (although colours vary on items depending on which version you are looking at). I’ve noticed that all the versions have holes in the bottom of your feet if you’d like to display them on some sort of base.

Overall SUPER 7 has provided a line of quality ReAction figures for fans of the movie series and cartoon that won’t break the bank.

So grab yours now for the low price of $15 (USD) + shipping.  

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Chris Hammond
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