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Stranger Things “Squeezable Dart Figure” coming from McFarlane Toys

Thursday, May 10, 2018 | News

McFarlane Toys has unveiled that one of the most beloved creatures from Season 2 of the Netflix TV series Stranger Things will be oozing onto shelves this fall. THE SQUEEZABLE DART FIGURE features Dart (named after D’artanian from the Three Musketeers because of his appetite for the famous chocolate bar) in his polliwog stage with stunning paint that exudes slimy monster that can only be found in the Upside Down.

This 4 1/2 inch long squishy figure with a lizard-like tail gained great fanfare in the show’s second season by forming a long-lasting bond with Dustin Henderson that ultimately benefited Eleven and the rest of the gang. One of the main selling points of the Dart figure is that when you squeeze it, its jaws open exposing his mouth and teeth.

Look for Dart (this October) priced at $9.99 USD and other McFarlane Stranger Things figures on shelves now.
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