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Thursday, May 19, 2022 | News

Vancouver, BC & Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Horror genre director/writer/makeup FX artist Steve Kostanski and Emmy Award-winning makeup FX artist Todd Masters, founder of MASTERSFX, proudly announce the win of two 2022 FANGORIA MAGAZINE Chainsaw Awards for their 2021 feature film project, PSYCHO GOREMAN (PG).

PG won 2022 Chainsaw Awards in the categories “Best Creature FX” and “Best Limited Release Movie.” To see the full list of award winners, please visit:

The storyline behind PSYCHO GOREMAN: Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who’s been entombed beneath their backyard. The creature longs to destroy the universe, but thanks to their possession of a magical amulet, the kids force it to be their new best friend. As the monster reluctantly obeys their childish whims, his magical powers draw the attention of interstellar friends and fiends from across the cosmos. Soon, a rogues’ gallery of galactic combatants converge on the strange realm of small-town suburbia, and an absurdist battle of Saturday Morning Television-inspired action, outrageous comedy, and freaky comic-book violence ensues—one that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy!
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Regarding the win of two Chainsaw Awards, Todd Masters said, “It was a great list of Creature FX nominees this year – each was top-notch work. And we’re truly honored to take away the win! I’m proud of Steve and our Toronto MFX team for the Best Creature FX Chainsaw Award. They really pulled out all-the-stops to make this film chock-full of monsters. And Steve himself, a superstar artist – and of course writer, producer, director – brings great energy to his movies, which is easily witnessed on-screen. He makes it fan-damn-tastic, despite what the production resources and challenges are. Everyone had as much fun making PG as we do watching it.”

“The Chainsaws are more-or-less home-brewed and are one of the few awards shows that are fan-based. It’s FANGORIA’s readers and fans of these films that chose the winners. So this made our second Chainsaw Award for ‘Best Limited Release Movie,’ especially cool. The indies are typically made with more heart than budget. Steve and our team really worked hard for this win. And it’s a true honor to be part of all this,” Masters adds.

Adds Steve Kostanski, “The idea for Psycho Goreman came to me right after I finished directing Leprechaun Returns. Some friends of mine wanted to invest in a feature film, so I pitched them the idea about two kids who befriend an evil alien overlord who wreaks havoc on the world, while, at the same time, must obey their childish whims. The film is kind of an E.T.-style family adventure entertainment story mashed up with an action sci-fi horror film. To me, the movie plays like a ‘PG’-rated family film, and at other times it’s really brutal and violent.”

The Fangoria Chainsaw Awards began in 1992. The annual ceremony recognizes outstanding achievements in horror film and television. The 2022 Chainsaw Awards event was hosted by David Dastmalchian (Dune, The Suicide Squad,) and was live streamed live on Shudder, Sunday, May 15, 2022.

Since its launch 30 years ago, the Chainsaw Awards have been awarded to many notable honorees, including Wes Craven, George A. Romero, Lupita Nyong’o, Anthony Hopkins, and Elisabeth Moss.

This year, many big names from the horror world were also featured as presenters, including Dee Wallace, Joe Dante, Rachel True, Radio Silence, and many more. Nominees who were up for the prestigious 2022 horror awards included Candyman, Last Night in Soho, Titane, Chucky, and Midnight Mass.

Grace Detwiler
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