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Star Ace Toys brings us Underworld

Monday, September 25, 2017 | Collectibles

The UNDERWORLD series of films have taken the conflict between Lycans and Vampires to the big screen. Now STAR ACE TOYS LTD. has decided to bring the fight home to your collection by introducing two 1/6 scale movie collectible figures. SELENE and VIKTOR (Selene’s main adversary) both come packaged in boxes adorning their likeness from the movie UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION (2006) and a funky transparent graphic shoots across the box (better seen in the light). Once opened, we find both characters packaged snugly and can be viewed without opening through the window packaging.


“Now STAR ACE TOYS LTD. has decided to bring the fight home to your collection”

The figure itself is very well done, STAR ACE LTD. spared no expense on designing the accessories and clothing to make them as screen accurate as possible.  Selene’s leather outfit is all here, with corset, leather raincoat, and large belt buckled boots.

The accessories are where this figure really shines – not only do you get the weapons used from the movies, but they have some very cool detailed features.  They include a Crossbow with laser that can be turned on and arrows that can be attached and placed on the bow. The dual pistols both also have removable cartridges. Other weapons include a knife, shuriken, sword, and grenade. In addition, the figure comes with eight pairs of interchangeable hands (for ease of gripping different weapons) and a stand with Selene’s name on the front of it.

The actual figure has a good deal of articulation and can be posed in different positions with ease, and while a tight wardrobe doesn’t mean limited movement, it does threaten to rip the clothing. Overall Selene’s articulation should give people plenty in terms of standing display, but if you expect to display sliding into action or shooting from her knees you’re out of luck.

Selene’s head sculpt has the likeness of Kate Beckinsale, but I wish that a little more effort had been put into it. The main problem is the sculpted hair which gives this figure a stationary look. I understand that the head sculpt is the most pricey part of a figure, but material hair or even a second head sculpt with a different look would have gone a long way into making this figure a must have for your collection. Overall STAR ACE TOYS LTD. has done an admirable job with the Selene figure, the high points being the accessories and wardrobe. 



Viktor’s wardrobe consists of a coat, belt, pants/ leggings and chain that attaches to the belt and boots. The screen accurate coat is a highlight; not only does it look great on the figure, it also doesn’t restrict movement. The belt is stitched to the pants, which are made from a heavy material, while the boots are the low point of the Wardrobe, as they are basic and generic looking.

Viktor comes with a minimal amount of accessories, which include four interchangeable hands ( for ease of gripping swords), two small blades and one large sword as in the one he used throughout the movie. Other accessories include an amulet on a chain, which could have been that much better had they used metal instead of basic plastic (on the amulet, not the chain) and, lastly, a basic stand for the figure with character name on the front of it. Viktor is better articulated than his Selene counterpart, in part due to a less restrictive wardrobe that you don’t feel will fall apart is pressured too much. Torso, head arms all move freely with limited waist movement.

 Viktor’s paint and sculpt are a standout on this figure. The head shows off the definite likeness of actor Bill Nighy, with bright blue eyes and skin tone that matches. Viktor’s chest is painted to show that aged look with protruding ribs and discoloration – I really dug it. The figure also has a really good head sculpt that actually feels more lifelike than Selene. His hair is sculpted and painted, but this works well on this figure as its hair is slicked back. Missing is an extra head sculpt, but you won’t miss it as this one has so much detail.

Overall STAR ACE TOYS LTD. did a beautiful job with this character. The sculpt and paint are the high points and really make a life-like Viktor. That said, I do think collectors of the franchise will choose Selene over Viktor if they have to. I’d suggest getting them both as they complement each other nicely. 

Pricing on Popcultcha  
Viktor $297.97 (USD)

Selene $305.51 (USD) GET IT!

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