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Star Ace Toys adds two terrifying figures of The Nun to Its New Defo-Real Series

Friday, May 8, 2020 | Releases

The Nun aka “the demon Valak” made its presence known in The Conjuring 2, eventually setting up a The Nun spin-off (prequel) which all takes place through out the Conjuring universe.  In the film The Nun the demon known as Valak takes a human form of a nun and attempts to decimate a convent of sisters located in Romania. This location is investigated by a priest with an eerie past and a soon to be nun on the cusp of her final vows. 

Star Ace Toys introduces The Nun “Valak” as part of the DEFO-REAL series of figures which also include Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Kong 2.0 from Kong: Skull Island), Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes and other non horror film lines. The Nun release has two versions, the ghostly, ruminating Valak 1 and the snarling, opened mouth Valak 2; both equally terrifying. 

Both figures stand around 16.5 cm tall made of soft vinyl, including a fabric material Nun costume with a belt and cross necklace. Each figure comes in a highly detailed collectible box with a tiny material Nun painting as seen in The Conjuring 2. Articulation on Valak 1 and 2 can be found in the shoulders, wrists and neck with the head “possessing” rotation. Both figures come with a extra set of interchangeable hands, display stands and have eyes that glow in the dark.

I was initially unsure how these would look while viewing them out on the Star Ace website, but having them in hand and seeing the how the enlarged head looks on the realistic body, I would say the “Defo-Real” series has become one of my new favorite lines and are worth the price of admission (I can’t say the same about the Nun film). For those worried about if they can stand freely, don’t worry, I tested many different poses and they stand perfectly without any hesitation.

The Star Ace Toys website has both versions of the The Nun “Valak” figures in stock and listed at $68.99 USD (plus shipping). Check out more from Star Ace Toys on its company website and on Facebook.

Chris Hammond
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