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SOV homage “NARCO SHARK,” “The Greatest Action Movie Never Made,” now has a trailer

Thursday, September 1, 2022 | News


It’s the defiantly cheesy preview for a ridiculous, non-existent genre-blender.

Writer/director Gerardo Preciado is gearing up to make NARCO SHARK as his feature filmmaking debut, following his music work as Ancient Order of the Droids, releasing “Soundtracks to Imaginary Films” such as TERRORE!, ZOMBIRIA and GIALLO! NARCO SHARK is based on one such soundtrack, by Ancient Order and Ambidextroux (which can be streamed here), and has a poster (see it below the trailer) by renowned comic-book artist Daniel Bayliss (BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA VS. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK). The movie is described thusly: “In 1989, Mexican direct-to-video superstar Ricky Valente was in line to write and direct NARCO SHARK, a strange and ambitious film about a detective/saxophonist who battles the Mexican Yakuza and a cocaine-fueled killer shark while trying to save his marriage from falling apart and helping his awkwardly shy but sexually depraved brother-in-law learn some breakdancing moves. Sadly the film was never made…until now.”

Preciado says the movie is “inspired by low-budget ’80s action films like MIAMI CONNECTION and SAMURAI COP, with a heavy dose of David Lynch’s surrealism and Lucio Fulci’s dream logic. It is also heavily influenced by the Sharksploitation and Mexploitation genres and features that SOV aesthetic prevalent in low-budget ’80s horror.” He’s currently got a Kickstarter campaign going to raise funds for the movie; check it out here.

“The project needs one last injection of funds to bring it to life in full, vibrant color.”

It’s the songwriting on SEVEN SERMONS that is most impressive, however; Montenegro is operating at quite an accomplished level. There has been clear care and thought given to how these songs are arranged, and how each track is structured in a fashion tailor-made for the live area. The closest comparison could perhaps be Zombi, but the progressive leanings are presented in a slightly different, less overtly rhythmic way. Although there is a propulsive feeling to Missionary Work, it takes a back seat to this sort of aquatic, mind-expanding synth orchestra.

Cover designed by Mondo illustrator Jessica Seamans

SEVEN SERMONS is one satisfying listening experience, and one which truly benefits from repeated spins. This is an album that pays dividends over time, but that can also be enjoyed in small chunks and short bursts. It would be disingenuous to compare Missionary Work with much of the current synthwave crop, and Montenegro is doing a fine job at carving out a niche for himself as one of the most promising talents of the indie electronic scene. Let’s just refer to Missionary Work as something intriguing, progressive and profoundly enjoyable—the sort of artist for whom many fans of dark, horror-influenced neo-soundtrack tunes have been waiting.

“includes perhaps the most intriguing extra of all: a limited-edition Jean Rollin board game”

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