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Soundtrack To ’90s Video Store Fave “RUMPELSTILTSKIN” Available For The First Time

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | Music, News


Fans of 1990s horror are in for a long-awaited treat. At last, the soundtrack for the 1995 so-bad-it’s-good fantasy horror film RUMPELSTILTSKIN is available, thanks to the mad purveyors of the odd and obscure at Terror Vision. Featuring the synth-driven original score by composer Charles Bernstein, best known for the iconic music of Wes Craven’s original A Nightmare on Elm Street, Terror Vision’s vinyl release comes in six gruesome color variants with liner notes by Bernstein and embossed retro video-store style packaging. In addition to the standard colors, two exclusive vinyl variants are also available: a maroon and yellow pinwheel available via the Terror Vision website and a purple with yellow splatter edition exclusive to members of the Terror Vision Record Club. (For true-to-the-era vibes, the soundtrack is also available on cassette.)

For the uninitiated and you kids too young (and unlucky) to have grown up in the golden age of VHS, RUMPELSTILTSKIN, directed by Mark Jones (Leprechaun), was a video rental store classic. Max Grodénchik (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Rom) stars as the eponymous fairy tale trickster. Imprisoned in a small jade figurine in the 15th century, the diminutive evil-doer is unleashed in 1990s Los Angeles, intent on resuming his child-stealing ways. 

RUMPELSTILTSKIN Soundtrack in maroon-and-yellow pinwheel and purple with yellow splatter vinyl variants.

Terror Vision’s first-ever release of  Charles Bernstein’s atmospheric RUMPELSTILTSKIN score is sure to conjure memories of late nights stalking the horror aisle at Blockbuster, microwave popcorn and the subtle whir of a running VCR. In other words, it’s a heady shot of brilliant, nearly lost music and ’90s nostalgia. 

The soundtrack can now be purchased at Terror Vision’s website and will be in record shops on October 13. Don’t be afraid! Watch the trailer for this exciting music release now!

William J. Wright
William J. Wright is RUE MORGUE's online managing editor. A two-time Rondo Classic Horror Award nominee and an active member of the Horror Writers Association, William is lifelong lover of the weird and macabre. His work has appeared in many popular (and a few unpopular) publications dedicated to horror and cult film. William earned a bachelor of arts degree from East Tennessee State University in 1998, majoring in English with a minor in Film Studies. He helped establish ETSU's Film Studies minor with professor and film scholar Mary Hurd and was the program's first graduate. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife, three sons and a recalcitrant cat.