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“The Inhuman Squishy Zombie” shambles forth from Smartlabs

Monday, October 9, 2017 | Collectibles

SMARTLABS gets into the walking dead zombie craze by releasing an anatomy zombie called THE INHUMAN SQUISHY ZOMBIE. Founded in 2004, SmartLabs has become a leading creator of educational toys that mix learning with fun. The Inhuman Squishy Zombie (which originally came out in 2014) follows in the footsteps of other anatomy toys, and adds an exciting mystery graphic novel titled “Zombie Outbreak – Solve the Mystery Stop the Contagion”. This brightly coloured 24-page booklet was designed by middle-school teacher David Hunter, also the founder of zombie-based learning).


The book itself teaches science concepts such as the scientific method, infection, the differences between bacteria and viruses. Kids will be able to read along and and examine the zombie by removing limbs, peeling away rotting flesh, checking for bite marks and probing organs. The main point of this toy and book is to introduce science, reading, and problem-solving in a fun and unique way. Needless to say, this is a perfect purchase for the season ans will introduce children to zombies in a less frightening way. 

The zombie model kit is fragile at the limb joints and I don’t see it lasting more than one class at the hands of excited kids (although in fairness I think you’d only use this once). You may also have a very hard time putting the zombie back together, and this should factor into your decision whether to purchase or not. There is a small informational pamphlet included in the box with a diagram of removable parts, supposedly to help identify the pieces and aid in putting the model back together.

Overall SMARTLABS have come up with a different and exciting product to help kids learn about aspects of science, all the while getting them to enjoy problem-solving and reading and exploring an interest in horror. Any product that can work in multiple learning tools is a great idea; the only drawback is how delicate the zombie’s limb joints are (I broke the left arm joint just getting him out of the plastic shell). 

The SMARTLABS Squishy Zombie Set is on sale now at Chapters/Indigo for $24 (CDN)

Also, check out what other educational toys Smartlab offers on their website and official Facebook page.

Chris Hammond
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