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Show off your love of cult, exploitation and gore films with these Rotten Pins!

Monday, August 5, 2019 | Merch

Shawn Lewis, co-founder of Eibon Press (covered previously here), published adult horror-themed horror comic books that continue some of the most blood-soaked exploitation films in existence, such as Gates of Hell, Zombie, Maniac and original storylines like Bottomfeeder

Now, Lewis has set out on a new venture titled “Rotten Pins” which he will no doubt make use of his thirty plus years in horror merchandising. This sister site to Rotten Cotton will incorporate high quality enamel pins from some of the most recognized horror and exploitation films around, plus some very odd, crazy and offensive pins that have to be seen to be believed. 

Rotten Pins will release an “exclusive” pin each month in very low quantities (50 to 100) from a variety of artists, including Lewis himself. These designs will consist of never before seen “Rotten Cotton” designs. Each pin will come with backing card, signed by Lewis, and packaged in a reusable cellophane baggie. If this wasn’t enough, each order will come with a free RC logo sticker or, if you purchase 6 or more pins in one order, a ”Fulci Lives” sticker. 

Price $12 USD

Rotten Pins is already putting its “Grindhouse Releasing” licenses to good use, with its  The Beyond – John & Liza Pin, The Beyond – Room 36 Pin, Cannibal Holocaust Design 1 Pin, Cannibal Holocaust Film Reel Pin, and Pieces Pin (with only 100 created of each design) all selling for $12 USD (individually).

Price $15 USD

A few other sensational enamel pin designs include THE BODY SNATCHER HUGE 3 INCH PIN. This one features classic hand stippled art by the late great Chas Balun (one of the most recognizable scenes from the 1978 film entitled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”). Matthew Bennell as played by Donald Sutherland, points with mouth agape on this thick, detailed pin. 

Price $12 USD

Price Each individual pin $12 USD each

There is large variety of pins available right now in the webstore which include cult films They Live, Revenge of the Ninja, Death Wish 3 and more.  Also check out the Rotten Patches and Rotten Cotton sections on the webstore and check out these discount codes to save some cash.

Buy 6 pins and get 16% OFF! Just add 6 pins to your cart and enter Coupon Code: 16%OFF at check out! PLUS you get (2) FREE Fulci Lives Stickers!

Buy 12 pins and get 25% OFF! Just add 12 pins to your cart and enter Coupon Code: 25%OFF at check out! PLUS you get (4) FREE Fulci Lives Stickers!

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