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Short Cuts: The Short Horror Review Roundup for March 2023

Friday, March 31, 2023 | Short Cuts


Welcome, short horror gourmets, to another fresh batch of Short Cuts. On the menu this month we’ve got a secluded misanthrope’s self-inflicted carnage, a killer Mexican fast food joint, and an act of vengeance that cuts to the bone.

Bon appétit, and as always, if you or anyone you know have a short film you’d like me to consider or if you’ve got some news you’d like to share in the short horror world, please contact me via Twitter or email me at!

Escalation (2021)
15:59 minutes Director: Christian Bachini Starring: Christian Bachini
Christian Bachini goes out of his way to make his protagonist pretty unlikeable to kick off his short film, which is good when you consider all of the gnarly things he winds up doing himself. Chris (also played by Bachini) is a smug shut-in, dismissing his friends and elderly relatives alike as he festers at home watching bad slasher movies. When one of those films starts to address him directly, however, things get out of hand quickly as Chris is compelled to chop, crush, and even digest parts of himself in a sequence that would be at home in an Evil Dead movie. But unlike Sam Raimi’s sadistic director/actor relationship with Bruce Campbell, Bachini is figuratively and literally do all of this to himself. It’s an intense, frenetic film that will leave you guarding your digits for dear life.
Where to find it: Making the festival rounds. Check out the trailer here

All You Can Eat (2023)
13:00 minutes Director: Kieran Reed Starring: Verity Hayes
I have but two words for you: killer burritos. Kieran Reed’s short film is a throwback to schlocky B-movies where delightfully silly gimmicks and tasteless gags are the order of the day. Here we find ourselves at Planet Burrito, a fast food chain where questionable ingredient sourcing has lead to their signature dish to grow sentience. As is usually the case, these are not benevolent creatures, and they make themselves known by tearing through a Planet Burrito employee in bloody fashion with use of some grotesque practical effects. And is it truly schlock if there isn’t a hint of a larger government conspiracy afoot? I think not. Enjoy your meal, but be careful as it’s definitely got a bite.
Where to find it: Making the festival rounds. Check out the trailer here

Hangry (2021)
11:35 minutes Director: Bola Ogun Starring: Ellie Gall, Justin Kirk, Abby Brammell
Stories about abuse rarely have happy endings, but Bola Ogun at least gives us something that feels mighty cathartic. When young Rae (Ellie Gall) reaches a breaking point from the verbal and sexual abuse at the hands of her vile stepfather Leroy (Dustin Kirk), she hatches a plan to make good use of her skills at butchery to rid her and her mother of his toxic presence. Ogun sets up the context well, using just a few minutes to establish the nature of Leroy’s abuse without making the audience fester in it too long before moving on to Rae’s much deserved revenge. This one isn’t much by way of smiles and rainbows, but it is pretty damn satisfying.
Where to find it: Streaming on YouTube

Bryan Christopher