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Thursday, September 2, 2021 | Short Films

If you’re into short horror, the folks at ALTER have you covered.  Rue Morgue wants to make sure you’re up-to-date on all of the cool stuff they have coming up, so each month we’ll be highlighting their upcoming releases.  Take a look at what they have planned for September 2021:

The Study (September 2)
irector: Will Bakke
Six strangers volunteer for a medical study that’s hiding a dark secret.

La Cruz (The Cross) (September 7)
Director: Alberto Evengelio
Vero learns to drive with her father, who has not seen her for years. An unexpected event drives them to horror in a clift area known as “The Cross”.

Susie (September 9)
Director: Jordan Doig
Susie and Andy’s relationship has become toxic. In order to deal with Andy’s controlling and emotionally damaging actions, Susie begins to manifest a real and physical horror.

And Then! He Kissed Me
(September 14)
Director: Aaron Cohen
A small bump on an otherwise smooth date sends Nastya on a gory journey of self actualization.

Audio Guide (September 16)
Chris Elena
Inside an art gallery, a woman wearing gallery-issued headphones unexpectedly learns about life’s mysteries—whether she wants to or not.

Director: Anne-Marie Puga & Jean-Raymond Garcia
A blind school teacher working for an occult art school lives a life filled with mystery and atmosphere. She needs something from a man that may change everything for her.

Nova (September 23)
Director: David McAbee
In a remote lab, Dr. Nova Thorpe is working on something that will change the course of history. But something has gone wrong, terribly wrong. She has but a few minutes to warn everyone that the experiment failed and that they need to stop ‘it’.

Darkness Comes
(September 28)
Director: John Marsh
Racing desperately against the setting of the sun as if pursued by the very devil, a man sprints through a barren field seeking the safe haven of a derelict farmhouse. What is he afraid of and what happens when DARKNESS COMES?

Come Be Creepy With Us
(September 30)
Director: Beth Fletcher
A millennial nightmare that follows Anna, a young woman stuck in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, who learns how to keep on living after being haunted by the undead spirit from her summer camp past. It’s about emerging adulthood and millennial angst; about letting go of our pasts and embracing what it means to grow up.


Bryan Christopher