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September 14, The Screening Room Theater Will Hold A “Return To Frightenstein” CD Launch Event

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 | Events

The 1970s was host to one of the most kid friendly horror-themed sketch comedy shows to date. The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was a staple Canadian children’s television and touted a cast which included Billy Van (who played most of the characters on the show), Fishka Rais, Guy Big, Mitch Markowitz, Vincent Price, and Julius Sumner Miller. Characters included the Wolfman (which was a parody to radio host Wolfman Jack), Grizelda, Count Frightenstein and his loyal assistant Igor. The initial run of the television show aired on the CHCH-TV network and only ran for one season and 130 episodes.

Along with the lessons that the show shared, the main theme song was a very catching tune that, if heard today, would still bring back fond memories. “March of the Martians” was played using only on a Moog synthesizer and written by Harry Breuer, Gary Carol, Jean Jacques Perrey and Pat Prilly.

Now fans can revisit their love for the series with a newly released RETURN TO FRIGHTENSTEIN CD. This audio show features the voice talents of Malcolm McDowell as host (taking over the role made famous by Vincent price in the original series) and a talented cast of voice actors playing the roles of many of the original characters from the classic TV show.

Saturday September 14 at 4pm, The Screening Room Independent Theatre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada will be host to the launch of new CD. The event will include screening of classic TV episodes, Q&A featuring original co-producer and “Super Hippy” Mitch Markowitz and a performance by new Return to Frightenstein cast members. Attendees will also be able to get their Return to Frightenstein CD signed by the new cast members at this event (the CD will be available for sale on site). The venue will also be making Special Frightenstein-themed food and beverages available at the concession stand.

Tickets will be priced at $14 General, $12 Discount Admission (Seniors 65+ and Students), $8 – Youth 17 and under. These tickets can be purchased at the venue or online here using Paypal, or all major credit cards.

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