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Sean Kyle Studios Releases 1990 “Pennywise Bust Kit”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | Uncategorized

Sean Kyle Studios recently released the clown that brings the frowns with this PENNYWISE (TIM CURRY VERSION) BUST KIT, guranteed to bring an uneasy smile to your lips. A sculptor/concept artist who really knows how to capture the creepy, Kyle says the piece was ten years in the making.

The 8-inch tall, 3 piece unpainted bust weighs in at 1.5 lbs and also has a hollow core base to make it easy to punch holes for installation of LED lights. The kit comes with body (clothed in the Pennywise costume), and two heads (one with fully sculpted hair and a  bald alternative head, so that real hair can be applied to the bust to give it a more horrific lifelike feel). 

                                                               Painted version (the bust kit will come unpainted with sculpted hair)

                                                                            Painted version (with real hair)

                                                                   Unpainted bust kit that is available for purchase

Check out this and more from Sean Kyle Studios on Facebook and Deviant Art.
Unpainted Pennywise bust -Price $75 USD + $10 USD shipping (international shipping available)

Sean Kyle Studios Facebook
Sean Kyle Studios Deviant Art

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