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RUE MORGUE’S 24 Days of Halloween Toys Mystery Calendar: DAY 24

Monday, October 31, 2022 | Collectibles, Toys


Greetings to all Spooky Kids! Today is DAY 24 of our 24 Days of Halloween Toys Mystery Calendar! For the last 23 days, you’ve been able to click on a vid below and reveal the terrors that hide within. Hope you had as much fun opening them up as we did making them. Happy Halloween!!!

Disclaimer: RUE MORGUE is not responsible for anyone’s brain exploding from fright. Thank you for watching!

When Baba Yaga Comes
All your candles lit at twilight,
Fending off that fiendish fright.
You shake it off with all your might
But Bab Yaga comes, tonight.
She walks the street with a regal air
And 16 cats follow the affair
the parade is such a shocking sight
When Baba Yaga comes tonight.
A murder of crows circle overhead
and the wind howls with tones of dread
you’ll grip your blankets and hold them tight
As Baba Yaga comes tonight.
The frogs will dance and the bats will sing
the church bells let out an eerie ring
as the clouds part letting loose moonlight
Baba Yaga is here. Tonight.
Rue Morgue Manor
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