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Rue Morgue CineMacabre Movie Nights presents THE EVIL WITHIN

Monday, July 10, 2017 | Events

Rue Morgue’s CineMacabre Movie Nights promise the best of classic and contemporary horror at The Royal Cinema – once a month, every month.

THE EVIL WITHIN follows developmentally-challenged Dennis Peterson (Frederick Koehler), who thinks he’s found a friend in an antique mirror until his reflection urges him to commit escalating, unspeakable acts of violence. It’s up to Dennis’ brother John (Sean Patrick Flanery) and John’s girlfriend Lydia (Dina Meyer) to save Dennis (and themselves) from the demonic entity lurking deep within his own psyche.

Inspired by filmmaker Andrew Getty’s own horrific nightmares, THE EVIL WITHIN offers unforgettable imagery and actor Michael Berryman’s most terrifying turn since The Hills Have Eyes in the role of “the storyteller”. Tragically, Getty died from side effects of a drug addiction just before the film’s completion in 2015, after spending 15 years in production.

CineMacabre is pleased to present a rare screening of The Evil Within at the Royal, and show Toronto audiences the incredibly inventive, albeit flawed, passion project that the film’s own creator never got to see.

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