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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 | Events

Come check out our monthly showcase of horror short films! Hosted at IMAGINE CINEMAS CARLTON on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 from 9PM-11PM. Enjoy two full hours of the craziest, goriest, most-disturbing and off-the-wall short films the genre has to offer! Plus Q&As with some of the filmmakers! $10, 18+. Fully liquor-licensed theatre!

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The poster this month features hand-drawn artwork from Darryl Shaw. Films will play in a different order than listed. This month’s line-up includes:

My Monster (7 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Izzy Lee
A young woman (Brea Grant) is harassed nightly by a particularly persistent monster. From LT-alumnus Lee (Innsmouth, Picket).

The Box (10 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Adam Collins
A driver picks up a hitchhiker who is carrying a mysterious cardboard box.

Father (10 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Chris Keller
A young boy must face a terrifying evil, and cannot blink.

Slapface (9 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Jeremiah Kipp
A boy deals with the loss of his mother by creating a relationship with a dangerous monster.

RFLKTR (7 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Matt K. Turner
A pilot crash lands on an alien planet and faces an unexpected enemy – herself.

Secretions (12 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Goran Spoljaric
A mutant woman held captive in a sadist’s basement sees an opportunity for escape. Previous selection of MonsterFest, BIFFF, Morbido and more.

All The Animals Are Dead Now (4 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Noah Aust
Surrealist artist and LT-alumnus Aust (How To Make A Nightmare) returns! We offer no description, as trying to summarize this will not do it justice. Peak weirdness and creativity!

Excarnate (8 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Ryan Schaddelee
Post-apocalyptic exorcists make a dangerous living freeing tortured souls of the living dead. Produced by LT-alumnus Anthony Cousins (When Susurrus Stirs). Previous selection of Horrible Imaginings and Shriekfest.

Inn (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Zion Chen
A strange girl draws the attention of a man staying at an inn. Compelling animation.

The Drop In (13 minutes)
DIR: Naledi Jackson
A hairdresser has a challenging day when a mysterious visitor from her past drops in for an appointment. Great action/sci-fi, previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

I Want You Inside Me (13 minutes)
DIR: Alice Shindelar
We won’t even begin to explain this one. Just experience it! Previous selection of Fantastic Fest and more.

A Dark Bedtime (5 minutes)
DIR: Paul Aihoshi
A man troubles his wife with his potentially justified paranoia around bedtime. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

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