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ROCKTHEDEAD CO. mashes music and horror into wearable merch

Sunday, July 7, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Don Bigda a.k.a. Dom Victor is the owner of the very impressive ROCKTHEDEAD CO (originally called Mixed Era Media) based out of Warwick, Rhode Island. Founded November of 2016, the company has specialized in original horror and pop culture merchandise. These original pieces take the form of apparel, pins, patches, posters and more.

ROCKTHEDEAD took form after Bigda gifted a spray painted canvas of Michael Myers to his girlfriend, now wife. People took notice of this piece and Bigda was flooded with requests from fans of his work. “At this time I was a veteran sales manager for a promotional products company that manufacturers pins and patches and the like,” he says, “so I took the resource I already had and started using it to create more merchandise from my art.” The company settled on the name ROCKTHEDEAD due to the twin passions of music and horror which gave rise to the idea of mashing up rock stars and horror icons in their “Rock the Dead Horror Fame”. 

Enamel Pins $5 USD and up

Long Sleeve Shirt $18 USD

ROCKTHEDEAD CO. has a loyal stable of artists which include Mr. 8 Legz, Justin Parker and, of course, Bigda himself. The trio create the company’s product including the aforementioned “ROCK THE DEAD HORROR FAME” and “HORROR HOMES” (both lines are available in many different forms of merchandise, shirts, pins, stickers and more). The Rock the Dead Horror Fame line includes mash-ups like Michael Mercury, one part former frontman for the classic rock group Queen and one part masked maniac Michael Myers of Halloween fame. Others include Jimiwise (Jimmy Hendrix, Pennywise the clown), and Notorious Face (Deceased Rapper Notorious BIG and Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface). There is a bevy of other mash-ups too many to name here.

The HORROR HOMES line covers famous dwellings from horror movies with the respective killer looking on from above. So far there are three designs available, including Springwood Dreamin (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger), Home Sweet Haddonfield (the Myers home with Michael looming over top of it), and Derry Air (the house on Neibolt Street with Pennywise the clown). Don has let it be known that more Horror Homes designs are coming, no word on when they might make circulation however.

“The Exorcist is in pre-production, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, Evil Dead are near complete or finished,” he says “THERE’S SO MANY OPTIONS. We’re thinking of throwing a twist in the mix and adding in Ghostbusters Firehouse”.  Also, keep a lookout for the newly announced release of a sneaker shoe based on the Pennywise “Horror House” design, these will be available in a very limited run, so don’t snooze or you’ll lose. 

ROCKTHEDEAD CO. will keep on shocking in the dark world with new merchandise planned for years to come, and this is music to our ears. Check out their groovy merch on the ROCKTHEDEAD CO. website and follow along on social medias (there’s even a ROCKTHEDEAD CO.  Public group on Facebook, where designs get shown off early). All prices on merchandise can be found on the ROCKTHEDEAD CO. Website

ROCKTHEDEAD CO. has sent along a code for our readers who might be interested in purchasing merchandise from the company. This one time discount will offer 25% off your purchase.
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