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Revisit the macabre world of 2019’s ‘Best Indie Game’ with third “Worse Than Death” comic

Sunday, March 21, 2021 | Games


Toronto-based game developer and artist Benjamin Rivers has just released the third volume of WORSE THAN DEATH, a new comic set in the same universe as RUE MORGUE’s “Best Indie Game” of 2019.

Following the events of that game, the comic series sees Mia continuing her dark dating escapades on the “Love” app and even crossing paths with the game’s protagonist, Holly.

“What’s Worse Than Death? Perhaps living the rest of your life alone. Both Holly and Mia have tragic histories with the macabre that they just can’t escape. When a popular dating app brings these two together for the most unlikely reason, will sparks fly? Or just blood?”

You can purchase all three volumes of the WORSE THAN DEATH comic over on ComiXology or directly from Benjamin Rivers, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Evan Millar
Evan Millar is a freelance journalist based out of Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Humber's journalism program, Evan joined Rue Morgue as an intern in 2015 and became a frequent contributor of game, film and event reviews. He took over as games editor in early 2018 and has had a passion for video games since booting up the shareware version of DOOM on a dusty MS-DOS computer. Follow him on Twitter (@evanjmillar).