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Review: Waxwork Comics Brings Punk Rock and Horror together with “Poser”

Sunday, June 3, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Waxwork Records are starting to build up their comic book line, which so far includes the anthology based comic House of Waxwork. Now the company has returned with an all-new original story called POSER, a horror and punk rock-themed multi-issue comic book series set in the underground music scene of Redondo Beach. Long thought to be an urban legend, a killer is back to make a slash in the heart of Los Angeles. 

Written by Matt Miner and illustrated by Clay McCormack, POSER starts with a group of punk rockers partying on the beach who are approached by a kid who wants to hang with them, earning him their derision and a catcalls labeling him a poser. Later that night, two punks are found hung to death with their innards out and “Poser” written in the pool of their blood. A mob forms which eventually tracks the killer and chases him to the edge of a pier, where he ends up in the water below.

The story then flash forwards to the present, when Ashley, who works at her dad’s record store, is talked into attending a free concert with at a club called “Deep Red” (a nod to the horror film classic by Dario Argento). A night of music and fun takes a turn for the worse as a clubgoer is found murdered in the washroom with the words “Poser” written in blood on the wall. Has the killer returned to slash his way through Redondo or is this just a copycat?     

In this first issue, the story by Matt Miner is engaging and sets out a great blueprint for upcoming issues, hopefully expanding more on the backstory of the “Poser” himself. Clay McCormack has expertly illustrated this issue with a gritty punk rock feel to the characters and just the right amount of gore to catch the eye of horror fans.

People who have availed themselves of other offerings in Waxwork’s comics line know that each issue comes with a companion coloured 7-inch vinyl soundtrack. POSER’s musical accompaniment by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) is an astounding mix of punk rock meets John Carpenter with a dash of Tangerine Dream thrown in for good measure. The theme itself starts with full-on guitar riffs slowly melding itself into a catchy synth-rock classic. The second climactic track, “The  Gig”, fits the same formula as the theme, starting with heavy bass cords and screaming guitars riffs which slowly evolve into a synth-driven dream.

With POSER, Waxwork Records puts a new twist on a subgenre that has been around for decades, this time setting it within the underground world of the punk rock scene. Check out this and many other products on Waxwork Records website and follow along with news, announcements and more on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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