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Review: SUPER7’s Iron Maiden Eddie comes in four guises

Thursday, February 1, 2018 | Collectibles, Review

SUPER7 recently released four versions of their  3.75-inch ReAction figures based on the IRON MAIDEN’S nearly 40-year-old running mascot known as EDDIE. The first noteworthy thing you’ll notice is the amazing card back art for each figure: Killers (from Killers), The Trooper, Aces High, and Powerslave (from Powerslave). The figures and accessories are sturdily crafted and won’t break after an hour of heavy metal headbanging. Accessories include an ax (Killer Eddie), a revolver (Aces High Eddie), an Egyptian crook and flail (Powerslave Eddie) and a Union Jack and sword (Trooper Eddie). 

Professional paint and no signs of smudges or missed paint really adds value of these figures, as these products live or die by the paint job. I personally enjoyed the fact that articulation is limited, as it gives them great playability and ease of posing. And I won’t have to worry about keeping Eddie behind glass, as they are designed to be handled.

One thing I would caution against is that, as much as these look like toys, they still come with parts which are sharp or can be swallowed, so, please, keep out of reach of children! 

The fact that SUPER7 has teamed up with IRON MAIDEN and configured four worthy Eddie figures is a feat in itself. I hope these team-ups keep coming, because the quality is there as (I suspect) the demand is.

Get your own Eddie collection started by heading over to Super7’s website and cart them all as fast as you can.

Buy all four figures for $60 (USD) or individually for $15 (USD) each.

Chris Hammond
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