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Review: Super7 and the Misfits go retro 80s with “The Fiend” ReAction Figure

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 | Review

SUPER7 has just sent me over some truly punk rocking figures from their collaboration with punk music icons the MISFITS. Together, they bring us not one, but two different 3.75-inch tall ReAction versions of the band’s classic mascot “The Fiend”. The very first thing you notice about the figures is the amazing illustrations by ED REPKA renowned “King of Thrash Metal Art”  has done for the card back art. 

These figures are made to be very reminiscent of the golden age of toys from the 1980s. They have limited articulation and solid construction which will allow a lot of handling without having to worry about breaking an arm or leg. There’s also a great deal of care and detail in the paint (the Fiend is missing teeth, true to the original mascot for example).

Released in two different versions, “Crimson Red” and “Midnight Black”,  the Fiend is for those collectors who absolutely must own every item from their favourite band but don’t necessarily want to toss down a bucket of money. The quality and the price tag are perfect for the piece, and even if you’ve had your head in the sand and never heard of the Misfits, these figures possess a coolness factor that horror fans can get behind right away.

Both versions of these figures are up for order now at a cost of $15 (USD) and are now available!





Chris Hammond
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