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Review: “Cthulhu Kids” Comics Issue #1 And #2

Sunday, March 3, 2019 | Review

Reviewed by Chris Hammond

Cthulhu Kids, known for releasing family-friendly games, toys, magazines, and board games, are back with a Kickstarter for their newly launched CTHULHU KIDS COMICS, created by writer Peter Duncan and artist Andrew Pawley, both lifelong fans of comics and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Duncan is also Editor in Chief at Splank! Comics, and Pawley has his own comic brand called GalaXafreaks Comics.

The first #1 issue ( #1 Comic Terror Funnies, ), features engaging storylines for young and old while mashing up the vintage comics of yesterday with the excitement of the Lovecraftian Mythos. I personally love the fact that many elements from the worlds of Lovecraft are hinted at. For instance, the school which the Cthulhu kids go to is known as The Miskatonic Academy for Outer Entities (the highly touted exclusive school in the multiverse for the children of Elder Things and Outer Gods). The fact that ‘Kid Cthulhu’, ‘Dagon Jr’, and ‘Nancy Thotep’, can take the readers on adventures where new fans, young and old, can connect to the oftimes humorous take on Lovecraft brings a sparkle to my eye. For instance, for their take on the story of ‘The King in Yellow’, the class put on a school production that sends the whole audience into an insane state of mind.

I had a chance to preview Issue #2 At the Molehills of Madness and I can say readers are in for a real treat. The issue introduces quizzes, games and enough weirdness to keep readers hooked, along with the stories of course. One such quiz, the “Cthulhu Quiz”, asks readers to match the pictures of the animated creatures with the appropriate sound effect. This takes place over a two-page spread, making it feel like part of the adventure and also seeing if the readers know their stuff. Each of the 36 pages within the comic is not wasted, no fillers here. You get full on Cthulhu Kids that should please readers of all ages.

So no matter if you’re well-versed in the realms of Lovecraft, or just for the first time being introduced to the lore, Cthulhu Kids Comics contain fun and excitement the full family can enjoy together. Lovecraft would be proud!

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Chris Hammond
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