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“Punk Rock Flea Market” Makes Its Way To Toronto For The First Time

Thursday, May 17, 2018 | Events

Mark your calendars for the PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET which rolls through Toronto this upcoming Sunday, June 3rd. On display will be movers, shakers and even monster makers for the first time at Lee’s Palace on Bloor Street, Toronto. Hosted by a small group of old punk rockers turned business owners (Liam from Treadwell Clothing + Cancer Bats, Jon from Alive At Night, Shayna + Julie from Rebel Remedy Health Bar + PRFMLDN) all share a common goal of spreading love of punk around.

Local Resin artists Toxic Fumes Toys, Lab Monkey Number 9 and The Angry Beast have teamed up (for the market) to bring you “Toyronto” the perfect outlet to showcase their brand of underground low brow resin creations/sculptures that will bring a chill over your body and melt your brain.

                                                                                            Toxic Fumes Toys

                                                                                        Ghoul’s Night In Co.

Other horror-themed artists that will be in attendance include Scarjes Art of Kitchener (he makes some things that aren’t terrible), Ritual & Revival – Burlington (will be on hand with the unholy selection of preserves and pickles), Ghoul’s Night In Co. – Toronto (will leave you in stitches after you see what handmade art they have to offer), Drop Dead Candles – Oshawa (Bath and soaps for people who are dead inside),  and many more will be on hand when doors at 11 AM Sunday until 5 pm.   

Punk Rock Flea Market Toronto Facebook

Chris Hammond
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