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Psychedelic puppet gore, twisted animation and more at the season finale of “LITTLE TERRORS!”

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | Events, Indie Films

Returning for one more event of season 8, Little Terrors is presenting a line-up full of twisted genre premieres this Friday, June 7th, 9pm, Eyesore Cinema. From the psychedelic new short Budfoot from Tim Reis and James Sizemore (creators of Demon’s Rook, Bad Blood and Goat Witch), to the moody horror of Morgana McKenzie’s Wild, plus multiple styles of animation, the event has you covered. Visit the event page here, and get your tickets here. The season finale line-up is listed below:

Budfoot (17 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Tim Reis, James Sizemore
Get ready for some surreal puppet-driven insanity! The creative team behind Demon’s Rook and Goat Witch are back with this gory, trippy, and altogether fun short film. Trailer

Mommy (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Evan Sweet
After the death of his mother, a young man is haunted by more than a memory. From LT-alumnus director Sweet (Hide: Bloody Mary).

Serial Dater (6 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Michael May
And you thought you’ve had bad dates.

Toe (7 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Neil O’Bryan, Chad Thurman
A starving boy eats a toe he finds sticking out of the ground. Later that night, something ghastly comes to this bedroom wanting its toe back. Extremely unsettling stop-motion animation.

Nepenthes (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Ariel Hanson
A woman gets herself in a painfully sticky situation while attempting online dating. Trailer

It’s Not Real (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Nicole A. Restrepo
A little boy suffering from night terrors has trouble convincing his mother that the danger is very real. Creepy animation!

A Cursed Desire (4 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Michael Silva
In a desire to be reunited with her dead lover, a woman turns to an ancient spell book.

Mirror (9 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Hadley Hillel
An actress picks up a mirror left on the curb, and must reflect on how bad a decision this was. Previous selection of Telluride Horror Show.

El Ayuwoki (1 minute, premiere)
DIR: Gary Ye
Based on the terrifying folktale. Hee hee.

Wild (Indomptable) (17 minutes)
DIR: Morgana McKenzie
A young girl befriends a supernatural entity living in her Uncle’s cornfield. From LT-alumnus director McKenzie (Atlas World).

The World Over (18 minutes)
DIR: Heath C. Michaels
When a mother-to-be discovers a door leading to a mirror universe, things get dangerous. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark. Trailer

A special early sneak preview at a surreal short film hitting festivals soon.

As a reminder, even if you aren’t in Toronto, you can try a home edition of Little Terrors by watching our anthology series: Minutes Past Midnight, Galaxy of Horrors, and Blood Sweat and Terrors.

Justin McConnell