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Inside RUE MORGUE #199: Terror Unearthed in 4K!



Originally released in 1981, Gary Sherman’s small-town-takeover video nasty DEAD & BURIED celebrates four decades of praise, politics, and practical effects. Plus! Blue Underground president Bill Lustig exhumes Dead & Buried with a brand new pristine 4K Special Edition and composer Joe Renzetti’s score receives its first official release! By Andrea Subissati, Rocco Thompson and Aaron Von Lupton

In NAROK: VISIONS OF HELL IN THE KINGDOM OF SIAM, author Stephen Bessac takes you on the first English-language travelogue to the Hell Gardens of Thailand. Plus! A look at the new book Collective From Hell which celebrates the art of Narok.  By Ryan Dyer and Andrea Subissati

The subject of long-told legend and many horror classics, the Legend of Sawney Bean finally gets a full historical account in CLAN OF THE DEVIL, a comic series by filmmaker Maurice Devereaux. Plus! The Legend of Sawney Bean. By Michael Gingold and Owen Williams

Horror-loving hairdresser-turned-filmmaker Jill Gevargizian channels her salon experience into stylish slasher, THE STYLIST. By Sean Plummer


NOTE FROM UNDERGROUND –  The Grateful Undead

POST-MORTEM –  Letters from fans, readers and weirdos

THE CORONER’S  REPORT – Weird Stats & Morbid Facts, Shadowland, Body Horror and more!

NEEDFUL THINGS – Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre

CINEMACABRE – The newest films and reissues, featuring Dementia Part II

BOWEN’S BASEMENT – DUG UP: Demon Wind (1990)

BLACK MUSEUM – EXHIBIT: Giant from the Unknown (1958)

BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS – INKED IN: David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk’s Nottingham

THE NINTH CIRCLE – SPOTLIGHT: Usman T. Malik’s Midnight Doorways: Fables From Pakistan

THE FRIGHT GALLERY – ON DISPLAY: The Mixed Media Macabre of William Basso


AUDIO DROME – NOW PLAYING: Church of the Cosmic Skull

PLAY DEAD – FEATURING: Vampire: The Masquerade Companion and Cyberpunk Red

VS – DEBATE: Does violence in the news headlines make you less inclined to watch horror movies?


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