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Rue Morgue #177 Jul/Aug 2017


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EVIL THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS Following the tragic passing of filmmaker Andrew Getty, the cast and crew of The Evil Within raise his soon-to-be cult classic from the dead. Plus: The sordid story of the Getty family, The Evil Within reviewed, and confessions from a veteran contributor. By John W. Bowen and Benoit Black

THE MOVIE THAT WOULD NOT DIE Forty-five years after it was retitled, revised and remarketed, Gary Sherman’s Death Line finally get its long-awaited North American release. Plus: A look at Blue Underground’s new reissue! By Matt Sommers

HAUNTED DIMENSIONS Disney haunted attraction designer Ray Keim makes downloadable paper patterns for you to construct your very own horror houses. By Alison Lang

BEWARE THE MANDELA EFFECT Cases of shared mismemory that sparked an online phenomenon. Plus: The Mandela Effect in horror. By Andrea Subissati and Benoit Black


NOTE FROM UNDERGROUND Championing the underdog
POST-MORTEM Letters from fans, readers and weirdos
DREADLINES News highlights, horror happenings
THE CORONER’S REPORT Weird stats, morbid facts and more
NEEDFUL THINGS Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre
CINEMACABRE The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues feat. 78/52
THE LATE-NITE ARCHIVE The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS Hammer’s horror comics line
THE NINTH CIRCLE Book reviews feat. Riley Sager’s Final Girls
THE FRIGHT GALLERY Alex Ross’ Universal Monsters
THE GORE-MET Crazy Fat Ethel
AUDIO DROME Music reviews feat. Argyle Goolsby and The Roving Midnight
PLAY DEAD Game reviews feat. Little Nightmares, Outlast 2 and more
CLASSIC CUT Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot


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