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Rue Morgue #175 Mar/Apr 2017


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WHAT IT TASTES LIKE FOR A GIRL French filmmaker Julia Ducournau explains why her bloody coming-of-age cannibal movie Raw touches more than a few nerves. Plus: We look at the evolution of human flesheaters on film over the last 100 years. By Sean Plummer and Dave Alexander

WE MAKE OUR OWN DAMN MOVIES Restore, re-edit and remix there’s a community of fans creating alternative versions of your favourite horror films. By Adam Clarke

FEAR OF MY FELLOW AMERICANS Jordan Peele, of comedy duo Key & Peele and MADtv, explores the insidious side of race relations in Get Out. Plus: Director Rusty Cundieff revisits his re-released horror anthology Tales From the Hood, and a review of The Devil Lives Here. By Sean Plummer

ROCKY PICTURES AND HAMMER FILMS We take a tour of Oakley Court, one of England’s most famous horror film locations. By Preston Fassel


NOTE FROM UNDERGROUND Dave says good bye
POST-MORTEM Letters from fans, readers and weirdos
DREADLINES News highlights, horror happenings
THE CORONER’S REPORT Weird stats, morbid facts and more
NEEDFUL THINGS Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre
CINEMACABRE The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues feat. Child Eater
THE LATE-NITE ARCHIVE Chamber of Horrors
BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS Comics feat. The Dregs
THE NINTH CIRCLE Book reviews feat. John Langan’s Sefira and Other Betrayals
THE FRIGHT GALLERY The Devil’s Reign II: Psychedelic Blasphemy
THE GORE-MET Women’s Flesh: My Red Guts and The Burning Moon
AUDIO DROME Music reviews feat. Cadabra Records’ Dracula
PLAY DEAD Game reviews feat. Camp Sunshine and Sonny
CLASSIC CUT Robin Redbreast

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