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Rue Morgue #174 Jan/Feb 2017


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FEED THE CHILDREN Hybrid child zombies, an apocalyptic fungal infection and parallels to Frankenstein – Colm McCarthy’s adaptation of The Girl With All the Gifts is just what the undead subgenre needed. Plus: Author/screenwriter Mike Carey takes us inside the unconventional evolution of the film and novel. By Monica S. Kuebler
R.I.P. 2016: THE YEAR IN REVIEW We tear apart the last twelve months and pick the best and worst offered up by the world of horror. By Staff
THE 2017 HORROR CONVENTION & FILM FESTIVAL SCHEDULE Get the wretched rundown of this year’s genre-themed film festivals and conventions and plan your year! By Staff
IN PIECES Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan, producer Jason Blum and star James McAvoy delve into the terror of Dissociative Identity Disorder with Split. By David Grove
GOIN’ DOWN TO RACCOON CITY Paul W.S. Anderson promises his final installment in the Resident Evil zombie saga is going out with not just a bang, but more scares too. By Michael Gingold
NOTE FROM UNDERGROUND A genre of engagism
POST-MORTEM Letters from fans, readers and weirdos
DREADLINES News highlights, horror happenings
THE CORONER’S REPORT Weird stats, morbid facts and more
NEEDFUL THINGS Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre
CINEMACABRE The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues feat. Death Race 2050
BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS Comics feat. Aly Fell’s The Shadow Glass
THE NINTH CIRCLE Book reviews feat. John Darnielle’s Universal Harvester
THE FRIGHT GALLERY Daniel Chudzinski
THE GORE-MET Following H.G.’s recipe
AUDIO DROME Music reviews feat. HaXXan’s Loch Ness Rising
PLAY DEAD Game reviews feat. Slayaway Camp and Hide and Shriek
CLASSIC CUT Quatermass and the Pit


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