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Rue Morgue #169 August 2016


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THE MAKING OF A BOG MONSTER Swamp Thing creator Len Wein returns to the comic book creature he birthed from the bog 45 years ago to tell the tale of its ongoing saga. Plus: Famed DC artist Kelley Jones realizes his decades-long dream of working on the title; Charles Soule, who had one of the longest runs on the series, takes us further into its monstrous mythology; and Swamp Thing: The Dead Don’t Sleep reviewed! By Andy Burns
HEADS EXPLODE Joe Begos follows up his low-budget cult hit Almost Human with The Mind’s Eye, a splatter-filled ode to Cronenberg’s Scanners. Plus: Actor Graham Skipp lets us crack open his skull to learn more about the making of the film. By Sean Plummer

SHE WAS A SLASHER Forty years after his giallo-style proto-slasher enraged the Catholic Church. Director Alfred Sole remembers Alice, Sweet Alice. By Tyler Doupe

NATURE AT ITS DARKEST As the world’s first museum of horrors closes its doors after 180 years, we take one last look at its stunning collection of medical oddities. By Fabien Delage


NOTE FROM UNDERGROUND Rainbows in the dark
POST-MORTEM Letters from fans, readers and weirdos
DREADLINES News highlights, horror happenings
THE CORONER’S REPORT Weird stats, morbid facts and more
NEEDFUL THINGS Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre
CINEMACABRE The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues
THE LATE-NITE ARCHIVE Chandu the Magician
BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS Comics feat. Lucio Fulci’s Zombie
THE NINTH CIRCLE Book reviews feat. paranormal books by Llewellyn
THE FRIGHT GALLERY Art by Matty Ryan Tobin
THE GORE-MET Giallo releases from Arrow
AUDIO DROME Music reviews feat. J. Blake Fichera’s Scored to Death
PLAY DEAD Game reviews feat. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC, and Tormentum: Dark Sorrow
CLASSIC CUT Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


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