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Rue Morgue #152 Jan/Feb 2015


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INSIDE ISSUE #152 (Jan/Feb 2015)


ROOMMATES OF THE NIGHT What We Do in the Shadows gleefully drives a stake through classic vampire mythology in a mockumentary about some hopelessly out-of-touch bloodsuckers in suburban New Zealand.

MONSTERS IN MOTION We trace the evolution of stop-motion animation with a look at the artists who dreamed up creatures and made them move.

RIP 2014: THE YEAR IN REVIEW We look back on last year with picks for stuff worth loving and stuff worth shoving aside.

THE 2015 HORROR CONVENTION AND FILM FESTIVAL SCHEDULE Indulge your genre love or catch the next big thing in horror cinema with our guides to 2015’s horror film festivals and conventions

MONSTER WITH A LAPTOP Hitchcockian voyeurism meets cyber bulling with terrifying results in Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows.



POST-MORTEM Letters from fans, readers and weirdos

DREADLINES News highlights, horror happenings

THE CORONER’S REPORT Weird stats and morbid facts

NEEDFUL THINGS Strange trinkets from our bazaar of the bizarre

CINEMACABRE The latest films, the newest DVDs and reissues, featuring two cannibal cheapies from Bruno Mattei

THE LATE NIGHT ARCHIVE In the Vault: At the Earth’s Core

BOWEN’S BASEMENT Dug Up: The Sleeping Car

BLOOD IN FOUR COLOURS Inked In: Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit

THE NINTH CIRCLE Spotlight: Nick Cutter’s The Deep

THE FRIGHT GALLERY On Display: Dolls by Sara Deck

THE GORE-MET Menu: Gruesome indie

AUDIO DROME Spotlight: Anima Morte

PLAY DEAD Featuring: Syrinscape

CLASSIC CUT Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper”


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