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POPOSITION PRESS and Skinner have a Halloween Pop-Up Card for you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 | Merch

Fall is approaching and Halloween is in the air which must explain why Poposition Press, along with artist “Skinner” Davis (who was first covered here), are releasing a HALLOWEEN POP-UP CARD. The sturdy, standard-sized card is adorned with colourful neon illustrations by Skinner, along with the words “come closer my dear” on the front cover. Opening up the card, you’ll be greeted by a popped up scene of decomposing zombie-like witches, with a “leader” witch dressed in a purple robe over a cauldron with a giant wooden spoon. The cauldron is also full of decomposing skeletons, creatures and a small terrified boy.

Flip the card over for “Hallowe’en Greetings” poem for the season. There’s also a section for you to write down a little message of your own if so inclined to fill this out. There are two more lovely little illustrated holiday staples on the back page also, a black cat dressed up in holiday gear and a devious looking Jack-o-lantern. What better way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than a truly haunting gift to give to loved ones. Also, included is an individual black cat sticker that is based on the one found on the back side of the card.

Purchase these cards online on Poposition Press’s website and get it in time for Halloween (look for this to go on sale later this week). Pricing on the cards are set at $20 USD (a card), a pack of 3 for $50 USD and a pack of 5 for $75 USD. 

Skinner Website
Skinner Youtube Channel
Poposition Press Website

Chris Hammond
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