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Pixel Elixir gives “Return of the Swamp Thing” and Castle Freak” fans something to chew on

Sunday, September 16, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Pixel Elixir (founded in 2002) is a retail horror company that runs out of San Antonio, Texas and specializes in apparel, enamel pins, patches and art prints from some of the genre’s most talked about films. A few of their licensed lines include The Return of the Swamp Thing and Castle Freak, which Pixel has created a few eye popping collectibles from.

THE RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING COLLECTION Spotlights one of DC Comics most underrated antiheroes. This muscle bound human/plant hybrid creature fights to protect the environment and his home (the swamp). This character played by Hollywood stuntman Dick Durock appeared in two films and a live action television show. This collection spotlights the Jim Wynorski’s 1989 cult-classic sci-fi comedy film.

THE RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING ENAMEL PIN – The 2-inch soft enamel pin with dual yellow clutches on the back and a double-sided custom backer card does great justice to swampy. The pin which is licensed from Lightyear Entertainment has a great mossy green colour and beautiful swampy texture.
$12 USD

THE RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING T-SHIRT – This 100% super-soft cotton shirt with tear away tag features the same artwork used on the enamel pin (Swamp Thing appearing from the swamp looking ready for a fight). The shirt is available in sizes from Small to 3XL.
Prices range from $20 USD (small) to $22 USD (3XL) 

CASTLE FREAK COLLECTION pays homage to the 1995 Stuart Gordon film starring Barbara Crampton and Jeffery Combs. The cult classic tells the twisted tale of a family that inherits a castle which also has an unknown secret monster locked away in the basement. This disfigured beast escapes and runs amok hungry for blood.   

CASTLE FREAK ENAMEL PINS – Featuring two officially licensed different pins “Castle Freak and his Prey” and “Castle Freak Unmasked” are both 2 inches tall with dual rubber clutches and custom backer card. Each pin is equally creepy and creative. Collectors and Castle Freak fans will appreciate the detail these pins offer while texture and colours really match the tone which was used in the film. Pins can be purchased separately or together in a pin set.
Separately $12 USD /each
Pin set $20 USD

CASTLE FREAK T-SHIRTS – Featuring characters from the film these 100% cotton shirts with tear away tags come in two different designs “Castle Freak with Logo” and “Castle Freak without Logo”. These shirts are perfect companion pieces for the film, available in sizes small to 3XL.
Prices range from $15 USD (small) to $17 USD (3XL).

CASTLE FREAK ART PRINT (12×18 and 24×36) – These giclee prints feature art by Zachary Jackson Brown and are printed on thick luster paper. These prints (like the t-shirts) are available with or without “Castle Freak” logo. Each print is handled only while wearing white gloves and are allowed to cure (dry) for 24 to 48 hours before being shipped to customers.
12×18 inches $15 USD
24×36 inches $25 USD

See all horror merchandise that Pixel Elixir have to offer on the official webpage or follow along with the creative process on social Medias.

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