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Pickman’s Vinyls Shows Rue Morgue Some Love With An Art Toy Variant

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 | News

Pickman’s Vinyls (Joshua Allen Hibbard and Mike Alvarez) has just released a special “Rue Morgue” edition of the ultra popular original “Bette Davis Eyes” art toy, which was recently released and featured in the newest July/August Pandemic Special issue of Rue Morgue on sale now.

This 6.25 inch tall Bette Davis Eyes “Rue Morgue” Edition depicts a lonely skeleton staring wistfully as dark spirits extend from its eye sockets. Comprised of four hand-cast elements, this piece features a ball jointed neck, ball socket eyes/ghosts, and can be posed in many different positions without toppling over. Display with one ghost spirit or both in each eye socket. This figure is priced at $30 USD a piece (plus shipping).

Pickman’s Vinyls is offering a discount code of $5 dollars off your purchase¬† if you have a subscription to Rue Morgue or have purchased the current July/August issue (digital or hard copy). Contact Pickman’s Vinyls via email to get a code. *Please take note that this is a pre-order and will not start shipping until early August *

If this wasn’t cool enough news, pre-order has also just opened up for the next character in the “Creature Feature” series and BOY! is it cool. The 3 3/4 inch “TALL MAN” (immortalized by actor Angus Scrimm) which many will recognize this new figure from the Phantasm film franchise, includes 2 sentinel sphere accessories. One sphere pegs flush to his hand and one that sits on a translucent peg to give the appearance of hovering above his hand. Priced at $25 USD (plus shipping), look for this pre-order item to start shipping July 24th. Follow Pickman’s Vinyls to get your custom creature feature fix.

Chris Hammond
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