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Pickman’s Vinyls “Bennings-Thing” Minifigure Gets A Release Date

Saturday, May 4, 2019 | Collectibles

Things are literally picking up again at PICKMAN’S VINYLS (Joshua Allen Hibbard a.k.a. Professor Pickman and Mike Alvarez). Next up in their THE THING MINIFIGURE LINE. Bennings-Thing, (the solid yellow standard and deluxe editions) will go on sale May 10 @ 8 PM CST. Bennings was Outpost 31’s on site meteorologist and also happened to be one of the first characters of the 1982 film to be assimilated by the creature before being dowsed with kerosene and set alight by MacReady.

The Deluxe Edition of this figure will include a homage to this scene by including a tipped over kerosene barrel, whereas Standard Edition purchasers will only get the figure itself. Beings-Thing  Standard Edition will sell for $15 USD with the Deluxe Edition (including kerosene barrel) going for $16 USD (plus shipping) on Pickman’s Vinyls webpage.

Stay tuned for June’s Blaire minifigure release date in the next couple of weeks. Until then, find more announcements pertaining to The Thing Minifigure releases, including blind bag and other unannounced projects from Pickman’s Vinyls on their social media accounts and website.

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