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Notorious SOV shocker “BOARDINGHOUSE” is coming to Blu-ray; details and art

Monday, September 27, 2021 | Blu-ray/DVD, News


The first shot-on-video horror movie to be blown up to 35mm and released theatrically is now getting a jam-packed hi-def disc showcase.

AGFA + Bleeding Skull! will release the two-disc special edition of BOARDINGHOUSE October 26, containing the 35mm theatrical cut for the first time on home video plus two other versions. Directed by Johnn Wintergate (as he is billed, with two “n”s), who also has the lead role under the pseudonym “Hawk Audley,” it additionally stars Kalassu, Alexandra Day, Joel Riordan and Brian Bruderlin. The synopsis: “Jim [Audley/Wintergate], a psychic gigolo who wears a leopard-print thong, rents a haunted house to ‘beautiful women with no ties.’ From there, this unworldly slasher transforms into a sleazy, hallucinogenic maelstrom of gore, sex, chainsaws, pie fights, killer refrigerators, Jacuzzis, beds that eat people, a new wave band called 33 1/3 and a leading lady known only as Kalassu.” The contents of the disc set, produced by THE SHED director Frank Sabatella and Sean King, are:


  • Theatrical cut: Preserved in 2K from an original 35mm release print
  • Original home video cut: Transferred from the 3/4” master tape
  • Theatrical cut partial commentary by AGFA + Bleeding Skull’s Joseph A. Ziemba and friends
  • Theatrical cut commentary by star Maryel McKinley and Sean King
  • 35mm theatrical trailer
  • Home video trailers and TV spots


  • PSYCHO KILLER (1984): Previously unreleased alternate cut of BOARDINGHOUSE, transferred from the 1” master
  • SALLY & JESS (1989): Previously unreleased “family film” from the makers of BOARDINGHOUSE, preserved in 2K from the 16mm answer print
  • SALLY & JESS commentary by Kalassu, Johnn Wintergate and Sean King
  • SALLY & JESS on-set footage
  • Music videos by Kalassu and Johnn Wintergate

Michael Gingold
Michael Gingold (RUE MORGUE's Head Writer) has been covering the world of horror cinema for over three decades, and in addition to his work for RUE MORGUE, he has been a longtime writer and editor for FANGORIA magazine and its website. He has also written for BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH, SCREAM,, TIME OUT, DELIRIUM, MOVIEMAKER and others. He is the author of the AD NAUSEAM books (1984 Publishing) and THE FRIGHTFEST GUIDE TO MONSTER MOVIES (FAB Press), and he has contributed documentaries, featurettes and liner notes to numerous Blu-rays, including the award-winning feature-length doc TWISTED TALE: THE UNMAKING OF "SPOOKIES" (Vinegar Syndrome).