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Tuesday, August 28, 2018 | News

SLASHER DAVE, frontman for Detroit metal outfit Acid Witch and a leader of the modern horror synth movement as a solo artist, has teamed up with 20 Buck Spin for his fourth solo effort FRIGHTS. On the new album Dave introduces a heavier side to instrumental synth music, as terrifying industrial rhythms pulse through a stark electronic soundscape of analog synthesizers, pounding bass, distorted guitars, warped lo-fi horror samples and sedulous sound design. The entire album is written, recorded, mixed and produced by Dave and as with his past solo releases, he handled all artwork and design as well.

Timed for release this All Hallow’s Eve, Slasher Dave’s Frights  is as creepy as it is entertaining. Today we present the track “Fulzzi” from Frights. Check out Slasher Dave’s description of the song, then check out the song below! 

“Fulzzi started out as more of a Fabio Frizzi influenced track with the Mellotron and repeating kick drum pattern, but morphed into a heavier track along the way. The samples are warped and glitchy. I don’t write with modular synth too much but there is a modular patch at the beginning, middle, end, and in the background of the heavier parts if you listen closely, just enough to add a little flavour and rawness to the track, and there’s a little bit of guitar and amp feedback I blended together to make that heavy pumping effect. A perfect introduction to Frights.”