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Don’t Miss Horrorbabble’s new reading of Clive Barker’s THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN

Thursday, October 12, 2017 | HorrorBabble

We’re celebrating a lot this month!

We’re ringing in our 20th Anniversary with a host of Halloween treats, including our Special Halloween Issue featuring a Century of Witches, our new new horror synth compilation THEY CAME FROM RUE MORGUE, some brand new merch celebrating TWO DECADES OF HORROR and a pair of screenings – THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (Thursday October 26 at the Revue Cinema) and DEAD ALIVE (Tuesday October 31 at the Royal Cinema).

And, of course, we’re bringing Halloween to Toronto with THE NIGHT WE TURN 20, our anniversary Halloween party on Saturday October 28!

But that’s not all! We’re in a giving mood this season, and have teamed up with Clive Barker and HorrorBabble to bring you a brand new reading of THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.

This is a limited reading, live from October 11th, through to December 6th 2017.

Narrated by Ian Gordon and Jennifer Gill
Produced by Ian Gordon
Music: ‘Relentless Part Two’ by Glen Alexander

So here it is, in all its blood-soaked glory. Dim the lights, sit back and prepare to be horrified…

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