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More “STRANGER THINGS” figures from McFarlane Toys

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | Releases

McFarlane Toys is adding to their STRANGER THINGS toy figure line (which already includes a Season 1 Eleven and Chief Hopper) with a trio of figures coming out in February. The new figures include fan favourite DUSTIN, LUCAS and a 10 inch tall DEMOGORGON.

DUSTIN’s lovable demeanor (pictures were used of actor Gaten Matarazzo to get the likeness just right) shines through in this 7-inch figure based on the show’s first season. Designed with 12+ points of articulation and including a compass, radio, and interchangeable hands, the figure is pretty much indispensable to any serious STRANGER THINGS collector. 

Another integral piece of the gang’s puzzle is LUCAS, ready to voice his opinion and be there for his friends. “Indiana” Lucas stands 7 inches tall, comes with 12+ points of articulation (just like Dustin) and includes a wrist rocket, flashlight, and interchangeable hands. 

Last but certainly not least is a creature nicknamed THE DEMOGORGON who appears from the parallel universe or “Upsidedown” to wreak havoc in its own world as well as in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. This 10 inch tall figure is the prize of the collection and also possesses 12+ points of articulation and one truly cool out-of-this-world sculpt job. 

All figures have original paint, Retro-themed Box Packaging and include a STRANGER THINGS branded display base. 
Dustin $19.99 (USD)
Lucas $19.99 (USD)
Demogorgon $34.99 (USD)

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