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Monstarz’ Retro “Creepshow 2 Pack Action Figures” are something to tide you over

Sunday, August 26, 2018 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

From the company that brought you such horror collectible action figures as Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Day of the Dead’s “Bub” and “Dr. Tongue”, and Return of the Living Dead’s “Tarman”, comes MONSTARZ CREEPSHOW “SOMETHING TO TIDE YOU OVER” 3.75 INCH SCALE RETRO ACTION FIGURE 2 PACK. The package features Harry Wentworth (as played by Ted Danson) and Becky Vickers (as played by Gaylen Ross)  from the Creepshow segment ”Something to Tide You Over,” the second in the Creepshow line (the first featured Nathan Grantham from Creepshow’s tale “Father’s Day”).

This animated corpse version of the Harry retro figure stands 4 inches tall and features nine points of articulation. His painted on clothing is completely covered in seaweed and his skin has a very dead blue complexion, with added accessories that can be attached to the wrists).

Meanwhile, Becky stands 3.65 inches tall and features six points of articulation. She wears a sculpted white dress that is also covered in green, slimy seaweed and her skin is painted in a recently deceased blue complexion. Both figures share a stand that connects at the foot area.

These figures come nicely packaged in a frightfully retro styled card back, which features the Creepshow name (with the title “Something to Tide You Over”) , picture of Harry and Becky, and Monstarz company logo. How long can you hold your breath? Hopefully all the way to October, when the 2 pack is released (pre-orders available now).
Price: $29.99 USD

Where to purchase
Amok Time Website   

Chris Hammond
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