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McFarlane Toys Shares Bobby Figure From “We Happy Few”

Saturday, January 20, 2018 | News

McFarlane Toys is releasing a BOBBY figure from the video game called WE HAPPY FEW. This upcoming indie survival/ horror exploration game (developed by Compulsion Games) takes place in the 1960s in the fictional English city of Wellington Wells, a drug-fuelled society formed during an alternate timeline on the verge of collapse. 

BOBBY (one of the main antagonists of the game) patrols the streets in his constable outfit and always sports a leering “Happy Face”. His main goal is to keep on the lookout for potential “downers” 

McFarlane Toys has sculpted this 7 inch (colour top #42) figure with 12+ points of articulation and sporting his police uniform. The figure itself comes with alternative gas mask head, billy club, alternate hands and empty beverage bottle. 

WE HAPPY FEW videogame will be released on PC, XBOX ONE, PLAYSTATION 4 in April with the BOBBY figure launching around the same time.

Stay Happy and check out more on the video game and figure at these locations!

Chris Hammond
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