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May Short Horror Releases on Alter

Thursday, April 29, 2021 | Short Films

If you’re into short horror, the folks at ALTER have you covered.  Rue Morgue wants to make sure you’re up-to-date on all of the cool stuff they have coming up, so each month we’ll be highlighting their upcoming releases.  Take a look at what they have planned for May 2021:

Coming to Light (May 3)
irector: Hector Bell
21 year old Aaron is trying to come to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, except the trauma has manifested itself as a terrifying monster.

Carnivore (May 5)
Director: Ashton Herrild
After being exonerated for the cannibalistic murder of his mother, Levi returns to his small hometown to face a community still unconvinced of his innocence.


Coil (May 7)
Director: Spencer Ryerson
A young woman struggles to fight her anxiety, and the malevolent creature inside her, while she prepares to go out to a party.

Mirror Gaze (May 10)
Director: Josh Nadler
A grieving mother tries to contact her recently deceased daughter. The result proves scarier than the grief.

The Rule of Three (May 12)
Director: Elwood Quincy Walker
A woman haunted by her OCD and intrusive thoughts must overcome herself and face her inner demons to survive the night in the event of a terrifying home invasion by three masked slashers

The Silent Dog (May 14)
Director: Thed Oliveira
A mother struggles trying to avoid her son of becoming insane like his deceased father, but maybe it’s already too late.

Goodnight, Darling (May 17)
Director: Adam Azimov
Two sisters wonder if their mother’s strange behavior is a response to a recent family loss, or if something more sinister is at work… “Goodnight Darling” is a horror film about the moment in childhood when we discover our parents aren’t the people we thought they were.

Hammurabi (May 19)
Director: Patrick Kennelly
A woman is on a mission in the desert with her beat-up Toyota Celica. Communication is hard, so she must use all the tools at her disposal to deliver an important message to a man she believes is her estranged father…

Insecticide (May 21)
Director: Bryan M. Ferguson
A visual manifestation of anxiety disorder and lockdown-induced paranoia.

Intrusion (May 24)
Director: Maxime Sévellec
What should have been a nice get-together for old high-school friends turns into a nightmare when an armed stranger finds his way into the countryside house they’re spending the weekend at.

Carrie’s Doing Great (May 26)
Director: Alex Salkicevic & Bryce Kraehenbuehl
An aspiring video game artist uncovers a conspiracy that the local neighborhood watch are kidnapping the town’s creatives and turning them into mindless civil servants.

Desperate? Defeated? Depressed? (May 28)
Director: A.D. Burnett
A downtrodden carpet cleaner calls a suicide prevention hotline, but the operator may not have his best interest at heart.

Gutterwitch (May 31)
Director: Harry Baker
Libby makes her living selling spells, fortunes and hexes to small-time criminals and drug runners. When a figure from her past turns up on her doorstep, she finds her magical power becoming dangerously unstable.

Bryan Christopher