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Lulu Wilson returns, taking on Seann William Scott in “BECKY 2: THE WRATH OF BECKY”

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 | News


The sequel to the pandemic drive-in hit BECKY (pictured) is coming next year.

Quiver Distribution has announced that BECKY 2: THE WRATH OF BECKY, once again starring Lulu Wilson (ANNABELLE: CREATION, OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL) in the deadly young-teen title role, has wrapped production in New Jersey for release in early 2023. Seann William Scott co-stars, and he and Wilson, along with original directors Jon Millot and Cary Murnion, are among the executive producers. Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote (THE OPEN HOUSE, HYPNOTIC) scripted and directed this time out. The synopsis: “After living off the grid for two years, Becky finds herself going toe to toe against Darryl [Scott], the leader of a fascist organization, on the eve of an organized attack.”

“We’re thrilled to bring back our favorite young heroine in BECKY 2: THE WRATH OF BECKY,” say Quiver Distribution co-presidents Berry Meyerowitz and Jeff Sackman. “Brought to life by the fantastic Lulu Wilson, audiences will continue to root for Becky as she fights back against new evil forces.”

“Audiences have been asking for a BECKY sequel since the film’s 2020 premiere and we’re proud to work with Quiver again to extend the franchise,” says producer Russ Posternak. “Our goal was to up the ante from the first BECKY in every way imaginable, and with Matt and Suz’s wild script and Seann William Scott’s turn as our terrifying villain opposite Lulu’s Becky, we know we’ll deliver the thrills, gore and heart that audiences loved in the original.“ The first BECKY, which won attention for co-starring Kevin James in an against-type villainous role, opened in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic and grossed over $1 million, never playing more than 54 drive-in screens.

Michael Gingold
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