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Luca Van Dort Creates One-Of-A-Kind Nightmare Fodder In The Form Of Sculptures, Miniatures, Props And More

Sunday, July 28, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Luca Van Dort is an Italian artist based in the United Kingdom. His specialty is creating haunting one-of-a-kind horror-themed collectibles. While perusing his Etsy page, you’ll notice he has a true appreciation of 50’s style creatures reminiscent of ones that can be seen in classic television shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Three shrieking examples are Caterpillar, Arachnophobia, and Mantis.

The trio of humanoid-insect-alien-creatures each have their own devilish demeanor, so let’s delve into each one separately.
MANTIS – this 7 inch tall and 8 inch wide handmade horror is created using an inner metal armature and then covered in super sculpy, expertly hand-painted for a creepy alien with dead white eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. As a one of a kind piece, Van Dort made sure to use no molds, so that this will never be recreated again. Price tag is $595 CDN dollars.

Continuing on, check out CATERPILLAR. Standing 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide, this piece turns up the “creep’ factor to 11. Using an inner metal armature and covering that with a selection of clay, super sculpy, and acrylics, this piece is sure to make horror fans uneasy. The design which Van Dort implemented gives it a full on oddity feel. With a horrendous human-like head and large caterpillar body (the tail end looks to have an odd teeth opening), this horror collectible really sets itself apart with a true “original” style. Priced at $595 dollars

Moving along to the third and final figure in this series, ARACHNOPHOBIA, is sure to do just that. Continuing in the giant human-like head theme, large eerie eyes and razor sharp teeth, this is by far the one which will spark the most nightmares. Standing 5.5 inches tall and 7 inches in width, Arachnophobia was created with an inner metal armature, then covered in super sculpy, and then hand painted with acrylic paints. Horror collectors may want to make sure that this one won’t scare of their friends in gathers, priced at $595 CDN.

Van Dort also has a selection of horror inspired hand-crafted, sculpted book marks, such as this ZOMBIE HAND BOOKMARK. This 7 inch item was previously hand-sculpted in polymerclay, is cast in light-weighted resin so it’s way more resistant than clay. Its hand- painted with acrylics and finished with sealant and it’s attached to a hand-cut, no sharp wood stick. This perfect gift for horror/reading lover is priced at $27 CDN dollars.

Check all the additions to the Luca Van Dort’s Etsy page for more one of the kind critters and creeps, just be sure to do it during daylight as to not get scared.
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