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Regan Vomits Her Way Onto Shelves Next Year As A Defo-Real Collectible Figure

Saturday, October 3, 2020 | Collectibles

Even after more than 40 years, The Exorcist is still the go-to demonic possession movie for most horror fans. Now, Star Ace Toys and X-Plus are paying tribute to this unforgettable classic and everyone’s favorite green vomit spewing, fouled-mouthed preteen with the upcoming The Exorcist Defo-Real Regan MacNeil figure.

This nearly 6 inch tall, highly detailed polyresin figure “possesses” a large exaggerated head, rooted hair and real fabric nightdress. Articulation is a must, especially with this character, and thankfully Regan’s head is able to turn a full 360 degrees. And yes, green vomit does factor into the design! The deluxe version of the figure comes with a vomit accessory ( this version is exclusive to the Star Ace Toys webstore ) and adds an extra touch of gross that should really please superfans. The figure is priced at $99 USD. 

Look out for this diabolical cutie during the first quarter of 2021.  Now available for preorder!

Chris Hammond
The Curator of the Creepy collectibles. I've been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I've written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter's 1978 classic film Halloween.