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Long-awaited holiday anthology “DEATHCEMBER” gets a release date, trailer and new poster

Friday, October 16, 2020 | News


An impressive array of filmmaking talent has a gift for fright fans to unwrap later this year.

Shout! Studios and Scream Factory have announced that DEATHCEMBER will premiere November 24 on all major digital platforms and then be available on cable VOD December 1. It features segments directed by Lucky McKee, Pollyanna McIntosh, Ruggero Deodato, Julian Richards, Trent Haaga, Isaac Ezban, Ama Lea, Lazar Bodroza, B.J. Colangelo and Zach Shildwachter, John Cook Lynch, Steve De Roover, Sonia Escolano, Florian Frerichs, Rémi Fréchette, Sadrac González-Perellón, Juergen Kling, Lee Sang-woo, Andreas Marschall, Annika Marx, Bob Pipe, Jason Rostovsky, Alyosha Saari, Dominic Saxl, Milan Todorovic, Michael Varrati, Vivienne Vaughn and Sam Wineman. The cast includes familiar genre faces including Barbara Crampton, AJ Bowen, Tiffany Shepis, Sean Bridgers and Richard Glover. The synopsis: “DEATHCEMBER is the world’s first cinematic Advent calendar. Behind its doors lurk 24 terrifying short films by directors from around the globe, turning the season of love into a season of fear, with gifts of blood and terror to unwrap for audiences everywhere. Those who makes it through this creepy calendar will be rewarded with additional segments, so save room under the tree for more nightmarish Noel!”

Michael Gingold
Michael Gingold (RUE MORGUE's Head Writer) has been covering the world of horror cinema for over three decades, and spent 28 years as a writer and editor for FANGORIA magazine and its website. In addition to RUE MORGUE, he currently writes for BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH, SCREAM,, TIME OUT, DELIRIUM and others. His book THE FRIGHTFEST GUIDE TO MONSTER MOVIES (FAB Press) is out this fall, and he has contributed liner notes and featurettes to a number of Blu-ray and DVD releases. Among his screenplay credits are SHADOW: DEAD RIOT and LEECHES!, and he is currently working on THE DOLL with director Dante Tomaselli.