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“LITTLE TERRORS” brings the horror from within this month

Thursday, January 30, 2020 | Events, Indie Films, News, Short Films

Our next Little Terrors event is coming up next week, on Friday, January 31st, 9pm, Eyesore Cinema. While not lacking in demons, dark futures or violence, the focus this month is on horrors that manipulate from within. This includes Alexis Fortier-Gautheir’s Fantasia success Plainsong, the twisted animation of Ray Kermani’s Masked, and one of the more disturbing shorts in recent memory, Mia-Kate Russell’s Maggie May. Tickets can be acquired here.

Here’s our full line-up:

Lovesong (7 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Michael Sanders
After finding an injured woman on the beach, one wife begins to notice something strange is happening to her husband.

In Her Shoes (5 minutes, Belgium, premiere)
DIR: Ray Kermani
A little girl is attracted to a pair of red shoes in a cemetery, leading her into a mysterious crypt. Trailer

Masked (13 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Christoph Younes
Using disturbingly-executed stop-motion, peer into the dark heart of anxiety and peer pressure. Trailer

One in Two People (8 minutes)
DIR: Ali Mashayekhi
A young woman is surrounded by her friends when she reveals a dark secret. Previous selection of Blood in the Snow.

Maggie May (14 minutes, Australia)
DIR: Mia’Kate Russell
When two estranged sisters attempt to reconnect following the death of their mother, things take a sinister turn. From LT-alumnus director Russell (Liz Drives). Previous selection of Toronto After Dark and many more. Trailer

The Remnant (17 minutes)
DIR: Navin Ramaswaran
A team of con artists posing as paranormal investigators steal from the wrong home. From LT-alumnus director Ramaswaran (One More For The Road). Previous selection of Blood in the Snow.

EXT (10 minutes)
DIR: Adrian Bobb
Two-hundred years after humanity has abandoned the real world for a digital one, a security agent must figure out how to deal with a threat from a world no on has seen for centuries – the real world. Featuring Cara Gee from ‘The Expanse’. Previous selection of Blood in the Snow. Trailer

Plainsong (aka Mélopée) (17 minutes)
DIR: Alexis Fortier-Gauthier
Three friends on vacation by the sea are spellbound by a supernatural force.

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Justin McConnell