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Limited VHS Goodie Boxes And Sticker Releases From Justin Parker And Horrible Home Video

Saturday, July 20, 2019 | Exclusive

Justin Parker has been killing it lately with his surprisingly humorous pop culture mashups which he releases under his business moniker Horrible Home Video. Parker has excelled his talents since HHV launched in October of last year. Prior to starting his brand, Parker frequently collaborated on designs for other brands, such as Kneehigh Horror, RocktheDead Co., along with poster background art for Vile Consumption, and shirt designs for a lot of underground musicians and rappers.

“One of the coolest things about the support I have been getting with this brand, is seeing so many people wearing my designs to horror conventions, and going so far as to take photos with horror movie stars while wearing my designs,” says Parker. “I also find it funny how many times I have seen my shirt designs in photos next to items created by Tom Martino (DWNproductions.Net). Tom and I have been cool for years, and although we may not agree on every movie that the other likes, we both share a deep appreciation for movies such as Brain Damage, or Street Trash. So I get a good chuckle every time I see our creations cross paths at a convention.”

Now an established artist in his own right, Parker is pleased to be able to work with other artists that help him bring his ideas to fruition. Most recently, he teamed up with Dick Starr & Butterface Creations for the VHS GOODIE BOXES filled with pins, buttons, stickers and more. 

Limited to 50 made. $26.99 USD for a VHS box with an enamel pin Or  $21.99 USD for a VHS box without the pin + shipping

Horrible Home Video recently launched its limited PARODY VHS GOODIE BOX, with a new one to be released each month. Along with each video case, customers will receive a selection of the following items: enamel pins, buttons, lanyards, beer koozies, stickers and more. Each new case will have different items, as to not have customers worry about getting doubles. The newest addition to this line is the limited PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE IN LITTLE CHINA VHS BOX (in stock and available now)

$4.99 USD + shipping (a set)

A few other new collectibles that are in stock and ready to ship right now include ROLE MODELS (STICKER PACK), which feature 80’s and 90’s pop culture icons on 3 x 3 inch circular die cut vinyl stickers. Each sticker include an icon, with totally gnarly sayings dude!.

$1.50 USD a sticker or $21.99 USD a full set + shipping

20 Stickers in a full set, exclusive to Horrible home video.

If sparkly and shiny things are more your thing, then check out the PRIMATIC STICKER SET (20 stickers in all). Buy the full set, or just pick out one or two designs, it’s all up to the customer. Measuring 2.75 x 3.95 inches, these classic horror designs will dazzle and sparkle, possibly blind, so view at your own risk (check out the love given to the vastly underrated Monsters TV show in the set).

Updated Design Limited to 50 made. $26.99 USD for a VHS box with an enamel pin Or  $21.99 USD for a VHS box without the pin + shipping

Available separately for $8.99 USD +shipping

Justin Parker has sent over some “exclusive” release information and dates, specifically for this article, so mark these date on the calendar, as these items are sure to sell out fast!

“Out on July 19, 2019 Our 5th & final release of “ERNEST GOES TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE” VHS GOODIE BOX (revised art), with all new items inside, and updated digital artwork. We first released this in 2015, and it’s been a hit every time a new edition is released.”
This news comes hot on the heels that ERNEST GOES TO HELL ENAMEL PINS will also be released to coincide with the above aforementioned VHS goodie box (ERNEST GOES TO HELL SHIRTS are already out, with most sizes in stock).

Exclusive first look

Exclusive first look

Finally, Parker shares news about an epic Steve Urkel/Ash mash-up trilogy release, and how it came to be “Coming in September: A VHS Goodie Box for URKEL DEAD 2:DEADITE DO THAT? & ARMY OF DORKNESS (also includes items for THE STEVIL DEAD”, making this VHS goodie box an all-inclusive mash-up trilogy item.

“I had the idea months back, but just never got around to it,” says Parker, “then one day I was chatting with Nigel Crandall (, & Dick Starr , and they were both more than happy to help me with the massive tasks of bringing my first trilogy mash-item to life”. ABC, TGIF Fridays, explodes into the world of the Chainsaw handed, wise cracker, which will have people asking ” Who did that?” when you show off items from this collection (All boxes are priced as follows $26.99 USD for a VHS box with an enamel pin Or  $21.99 USD for a VHS box without the pin)

Available in Small to 4XL (prices vary)

Check out all the new and exciting things happening over at Horrible Home Video, by viewing the social media accounts and the brand’s website, and remember to support independent artists, I pity the ghoul who doesn’t!

Justin Parker also wanted to thank the following people for all the support:
Jessica Gouge, Mike Carpenter, Jacob Cook, Dick Starr, Nigel Crandall, Shawn Fairhurst, Stir Crazy, Tom Martino, Meme Papa, Dom Victor, Crom Worx, Mankini, Foreign Fright, Cory Holliday, Billy Moffett, McNastee, Pink Pandemonium, Retro Release Video, Chris Hammond, Rue Morgue Magazine, and all the brands & people who support me, or just stay in touch with me and bullshit to pass time. Forgive me if I did not mention your name here (Nothing personal, I promise), (Hi Mom!)

Horrible Home Video has kindly provided a discount code for our readers, use the word: RUEMORGUE (all capitals) for a % off all orders.
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