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Licoricewits Has A Knack For Wooden Horror Creations

Thursday, April 11, 2019 | Exclusive

Drawing from a love of drawing, Bruce Lee flicks and horror movies, Terry Savage of Licoricewits (on, creates hand-painted whimsical wooden nesting dolls, kokeshi dolls and more.

Savage also has a love and a knack for creating themed wedding cake toppers, that double as Kokeshi dolls (Japanese style), such as this FRANKENSTEIN AND BRIDE WEDDING CAKE TOPPERS/ KOKESHI HORROR DOLLS. Using only wood, acrylic paint, varnish and an eye for detail, the artist assembles her own 2 1/2 inch tall Universal monsters.

Savage’s TINY CTHULHU NESTING DOLLS MATRYOSHKA LOVECRAFT HORROR FIGURE SET comes complete with three main characters from the Lovecraft mythos. This hand painted set is created using wood, acrylic paints varnish and features a hollow Cthulhu, standing 3 inches tall, down to a solid 1 1/4 inch tall Glaaki. The final hollow figure is none other than the dreaded Shoggoth, which was featured in Lovecraft’s ‘classic yarn “At the Mountains of Madness, which the author penned in 1931.

Check out more loveable horror themed creations from the ultra-talented Terry Savage a.k.a Licoricewits; you won’t be disappointed.

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Chris Hammond
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